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Orange Atelier is an architectural firm offering one of the most rigorous support services to customers throughout the project life.

It is the second firm to be certified ISO 9001 at the national level.

Orange Atelier boasts expertise in energy efficiency in the building (several trainings by the order of Moroccan architects, by the Bavarian Ministry of Industry and Economy and the Turin Polytechnic School)

Orange Atelier incorporates all the skills necessary for the development of an urban project, architectural and interior design. Moreover, thanks to its experience, it is able to operate in different sectors: institutional, coffee shops, housing, etc.

A multidisciplinary team of 30 architects, designers, coordinators and managers. All work shoulder to shoulder to create, organize, innovate and reflect together on projects.

Thanks to an open workspace, exchanges are made every now and then, which promotes communication and sharing of expertise. This optimizes internal processes and project monitoring.

In connection with the best consultants, Orange Atelier engages to meet the goals of its clients, by responding to their needs with creativity, rigor and logic, to find the most suit solutions.

With a method of structured and rigorous work, Orange Atelier accompanies the customer in all stages of the project: designing, estimating financial costs, administrative procedures, the choice of companies and monitoring of works.

To better optimize the quality of its work, the methodology of Orange Atelier Group relies on its management system that is certified ISO 9001 since March 2013.

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