How to choose the positioning of a real estate project?

How to choose the positioning of a real estate project?

Do you want to break into the real estate industry and find your place in this competitive market? Your project ideas are innovative, your land ready to be built, but you are having difficulty reaching your customers? Better strategic positioning is needed.

Any good entrepreneur will tell you that the secret to a successful project is establishing a solid marketing strategy: this strategy will then allow you to align all your decisions with the image you want to give to your project, and keep your speech simple, focused and effective.


Your positioning can only be established after a prior study of your market. This study should cover these three elements:

Trends in your market: Determine and analyze the opportunities your market offers you: pre-existing ideas, new concepts to introduce …
Your customers: Identify your target customers or your niche. Study their behavior, their needs and their budget. This will allow you to offer a more relevant product. A young active man will tend to look for a T1 or T2, while a family of 5 will prefer to settle in more spacious apartments or individual accommodation for example. Likewise, a buyer wishing to rent his property will have different expectations from another who will invest it as a main residence, or even one who is looking for a second home or vacation home …
Your competition: Keep an eye on your competitors: the nature and quality of their products, their price ranges, their advertising strategies … Your goal being to beat this competition, this information will serve as a basis for your benchmarking.

Leverage your strengths and seize opportunities as they arise

Another essential step in developing your strategy is the SWOT analysis:

  • Strengths: What are your strengths? How is your product superior? Do you specialize in a field?
  • Weaknesses: Are you new to the business? Are your resources limited
  • Opportunities: Is high demand expected? Are new sites open to urbanization?
  • Threats: Do you have any new competitors? Is there a decrease in requests? Is the market in crisis?

This analysis will allow you to put yourself in the context of your business and better manage your resources to capitalize on your strengths and minimize the impact of your weaknesses.

Good positioning, what criteria to adopt?

You are now well informed of the situation of your business and the potential of your market … all you have to do is combine these elements to establish your strategy. The golden rule is to respect these 4 principles for the most effective positioning:


  • Simplicity: Your offer must be direct and targeted, and your speech clear and understandable to reach as many people as possible. 
  • Relevance :Vyour product must be created with the needs of your customers in mind since it will have to meet their expectations
  • Consistency :Your speech should not contradict your brand image, but rather be an extension of it. 
  • Lucrativity :Votre projet est avant tout une source de revenu. Un bon positionnement ne doit pas être source de déficit.