Our Skills



Here architecture does not limit itself to drawings of plans. It is a matter to conceive plans including the culture of the persons who are going to live there. We listen with most close attention to your desires and to needs to conceive plans completely correspondent to your waiting, to your budgets, and to your projection.


Interior Design

You appreciate Scandinavian style? Classical, traditional? Where rather vintage? Our interior decorators accompany you with the biggest care, of the perspective of ambience to be chosen by materials: decorative picture, wallpaper, going to the small details cushion, accessories plants … Our achievements completely comply with plans and 3D validated! Go around in the section “Projects".

Assistance à la maîtrise d’ouvrage
Client assistant & project management

We put at your disposal our experience of more than 15 years, to guarantee you the success of your plans. How? Plannings, budgeting, financial monitoring, choice of the best partners, negotiation of prices, coordination between the dealers and followed by the attack of objectives beforehand fixed! All necessary ingredients to lead your plans in the best conditions.


Graphic charter

You are an institution and you want to develop a charter of development (sets of offices, local branches, service stations, café-restaurants) to duplicate them more easily and to control yourlself the achievements. We accompany our clients in the conception of their charter, by taking all factors into consideration: budget, visual identity of mark, specificity of activity, … This mission gives birth to a book detailing all conception of the space: surfaces to be respected, colours, materials, furniture and finishing.

Audit & expertise

As quite other sector, we are not sheltered by conflicts with the dealers. You need an audit of accomplished works? Our mission comes so: Assess the compliance of jobs and articles installed in comparison with the technical and contractual documents (plans, notebooks of expenses, markets) Qualify benefits accomplished and not envisaged as part of the market (except form) Control the quality of all accomplished works Analyse the prices of benefits accomplished and not envisaged as part of the market (except form) Prove quantitative states (attachments and discounts)