What is a development charter?

What is a development charter?

You have probably already heard of the concept of a planning charter. This great tool allows you to stay true to your corporate image while complying with the standards that suit you.

To do this, the development charter must contain a multitude of elements essential to its development and outline your design by defining the various implementation principles that will appear in your final plans.


So what does a planning charter contain?

The first thing to define when establishing your planning charter is the typology of all the spaces you will need:


✔️ Function :

The nature of use of the room. We can name several in the field of workspaces in the tertiary sector: reception rooms, offices, meeting rooms, catering rooms, waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, operating theaters, storage rooms, fitting rooms, garages automobiles …

You will have understood it well; it’s about defining everything that should be in your program.


✔️ Dimensions and partitioning :

The net surface area that each room will occupy as well as its type of partitioning according to the use that will be made of it and its allocation to employees and / or customers: an office of 20 m² for the director of each company department, for example example, or even double rooms of 18 m² for the guests of your hotel…


✔️ Layout :

The variations in the layout of the premises for each category or type of space previously defined: location of the work desk, arrangement of storage surfaces, specialized equipment to be installed, sanitary facilities, etc.


✔️ Technical specificities :

Technical regulations, health and safety measures, surface treatment (practicability, wear resistance, water resistance, reaction to chemical operating and cleaning agents), as well as standards and criteria of comfort to adopt.

You can thus seek to protect sensitive information by eliminating direct views on desks and workstations from the outside, to improve the comfort of your patients by installing good sound insulation between their rooms and the hospital corridor or even prevent any fire or explosion in your service station by treating the walls of your fuel tanks and keeping them away from hazardous products.

A layout that reflects your business

The second step in establishing a development charter is based on incorporating the values and orientations of your company into its spatial planning and respecting its brand image. Two elements must therefore be transcribed:

The preliminary realization of a Brand Book is desirable since it already includes a compact presentation of the identity of your brand or company.


✔️ Your positioning:

Design your spaces according to your own strategic orientations and the way your employees work.


✔️ Your visual identity:

Design your spaces by playing on your brand’s color palette, your typography … And create atmospheres that suit you by optimizing your layout choices (Coatings, furniture, etc.)

You’re almost there now… your ideas are all translated into simple and workable guidelines, saving you a lot of trouble. All you have to do is check the compliance of your planning charter and start the design work, guided and guided by our team of experts.

However, keep a positive attitude and an open mind: it is possible that your planning charter will undergo some modifications as you come to grips with new challenges.

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